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Sharon Burrell

Sharon Burrell

Born: April 10 in Dalkey County Dublin, Ireland
Resides: Dalkey, County Dublin, Ireland
E-mail: sharonjoyburrell (at) hotmail (dot) com

Sharon Burrell has published her haiku exclusively in Shamrock Haiku Journal. She also reviewed haiku-related books for this publication. Her haiku have been translated into Italian. She is a member of the Board of the Irish Haiku Society.

Awards and Other Honors: First Prize, Capoliveri International Haiku Contest (2008); Honourable Mention, Ito En “Oi Ocha” International Haiku Contest (2009).

Selected Work
chilly morning—
geese in formation
over the Dart line
warm rain—
lily pads surrendering
to watery graves
depth of winter—
a train’s headlights glowing
in the half-light
two lighthouses exchange
hazy flashes
September sunset—
fiery fuchsia nestles
in hedgerows
acacia leaves
the golden touch
of evening light

Credits: "chilly morning" - Shamrock 6 (2008); "depth of winter" - Shamrock 6 (2008); "September sunset" – Shamrock 7 (2008); "warm rain" – Shamrock 7 (2008); "heatwave" - Shamrock 7 (2008); "acacia leaves" – Shamrock 10 (2009).

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