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Angela Terry

Angela Terry

Born: July 18 1948 in Seattle Washington, USA
Resides: Lake Forest Park, Washington, USA
E-mail: amterry9 (at) comcast (dot) net

Angela (Angie) Terry is the 2010 Secretary for the Haiku Society of America and is part of the Haiku Northwest group, which meets monthly to share haiku. She has participated in various Haiku North America and Haiku Society of America meetings, as well as joint meetings of haiku groups in Western Washington. Her haiku have been featured in a variety of literary festivals, anthologies, and journals.

Awards and Other Honors: Suruga Baika Literary Award (February 11, 2007); Sakura Award, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival (2007); Highly Commended, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival (2006).

Selected Work
each note
each pause...
the heat
oars in unison
slicing the river
slicing the moon
coffee shop—
hearing his name
in someone else's conversation
a whisper
with no promises left
turning tide
morning meditation
a moth
works the room
watching as
plum blossoms fall—
and still shivering

Credits: "each note" - Frogpond 32:1 (2009); "coffee shop" - The Heron's Nest X:4 (2008); "morning meditation" - The Heron's Nest 11:1 (2009); "oars in unison" - The Heron's Nest 11:3 (2009); "a whisper" - Acorn 22 (2009); "watching as" - Suruga Daichu-ji (2007).

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