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Bonnie Stepenoff

Bonnie Stepenoff

Born: July 18 1949 in Allentown Pennsylvania, USA
Resides: Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA
E-mail: bstepenoff (at) hotmail (dot) com

Bonnie Stepenoff grew up in the hills of northeastern Pennsylvania and now lives on the west bank of the Mississippi River. She is a mother and grandmother, history professor and writer, and she is passionate about historic preservation.

Books Published: In addition to books of history, she is the author of Big Spring Autumn, a personal memoir, published by Truman State University Press in 2008.

Selected Work
falling star --
ashes dropping softly
through the grate
at the bus station
diesel smoke and my father
smelling of peppermint
hobo fires --
someone has to keep them
the last firecracker
richest woman in town
watering her garden
in the rain
no rush
to close the kitchen door
against the rain

Credits: "falling star" - Modern Haiku 36:1 (2005); "hobo fires" - Modern Haiku 35:3 (2004); "richest woman in town" - Frogpond 30:3 (2007); "at the bus station" - Modern Haiku 36:3 (2005); "midnight" - The Heron's Nest XI:1 (2009); "no rush" - Frogpond 27:1 (2004)

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