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Jan Benson

Jan Benson

1952 - October 31, 2019

Jan Benson was a Pushcart Prize nominated haiku poet living in Texas. Benson's haiku are anthologized in world-leading haiku journals and magazines, and have been translated into eight languages. Jan was a member of The World Haiku Association, and Poetry Society of Texas. Profiles can be found online at The Living Haiku Anthology and The Living Senryu Anthology.
Jan passed away peacefully on October 31, 2019.

Awards and Other Honors:

Pushcart Nomination by Dos Gatos Press (2014); First Prize, International Division, The Italian Matsuo Basho Awards, 4th Edition (2016); Third Place, OHANAMI, 2nd International Haiku Contest "Cherry Blossom" (2016); Honorable Mention, USA, The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Contest (2016).

Selected Work
migrant moon . . .
walking from weeds
into weeds
tectonic shift
the way debris settles
in the mind
picking blues
with a pocket-knife
pop's old dreadnought
in conversation
the shape of stillbirth
a womb
filled with cloud . . .
the cardinals 
first snow
spring snow-melt
forgetting where
the pain is buried
green barley
a slack tide
of turfan silk
the weight of a scintilla Higgs field
spring equinox
the soft dawn
between us


“migrant moon“ – Failed Haiku Issue 37, Jan. 2019; “tectonic shift“ – #FemKuMag Issue 7, Dec. 2018; “picking blues“ – Prune Juice #24, May, 2018; “gaps“ – Scryptic Issue 2.2, August 2018; “a womb“ – #FemKuMag Issue 6, Nov. 2018; “awaiting“ – Frameless Sky Issue 9, Dec. 2018. “spring snow-melt”- #FemKuMag Issue 2, July 2018; “green barley“ - Akitsu Quarterly Spring 2018; “the weight“ - Sonic Boom Issue 7, Dec. 2016; “spring equinox“ - The Enigmatist 2018.

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