Lee Nash

Lee Nash

Born: in Shoreham-by-Sea, England
Resides: Cognac, Poitou-Charentes, France
E-mail: galerielena (at) gmail (dot) com
Website: https://leenashwriting.com/

Lee Nash lives in France and freelances as an editor and proofreader. Her poems have appeared in print and online journals including Angle, Mezzo Cammin, Orbis and Poetry Salzburg Review and have been placed in competitions. Lee's haiku have been published in journals and anthologised. You can find a selection of Lee’s poems and a full biography on her website.

Awards and Other Honors: Haiku of Merit [Neo classical haiku], The World Haiku Review (June 2015); Honorable Mention [Vanguard Haiku], The World Haiku Review (June 2016); First Place [Shintai Haiku] The World Haiku Review (June 2016); Second Place [Shintai Haiku] The World Haiku Review (June 2016); Merit Award, 27th ITO EN Oi Ocha New Haiku Contest (2016).

Selected Work
Winter slips away
on a sheet of ice –
mist covers the buds
the wingtips
of whooping cranes
black ink in my nib
a bride at sixteen green apples
sheets of rain
a sunflower
on your damp postcard
wedding quilt
contrasting squares
patched up
mistletoe –
we kiss under a plant
that kills its host

Credits: "Winter slips away" - The World Haiku Review (June 2015) [Neo classical haiku, haiku of merit]; "a bride" - A Hundred Gourds (June 2016); "wedding quilt" - The World Haiku Review (June 2016) [Vanguard Haiku, honorable mention]; "the wingtips" - Wild Plum 2:2 )Fall & Winter 2016); "sheets of rain" - Merit Award, 27th ITO EN Oi Ocha New Haiku Contest (2016); "mistletoe" - Presence 55 (2016).

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