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Luca Cenisi

Luca Cenisi

Born: February 02 1983 in Pordenone, Italy
Resides: Cordenons, Italy
E-mail: info (at) lucacenisi (dot) net

Luca Cenisi is an independent scholar specialized in Japanese poetry, particularly in haiku. He’s founder of the Italian Haiku Association (Itaria haiku kyōkai イタリア俳句協会) and the European Haiku Society (EHS).
In 2012 he also founded the Yomichi Haiku School 夜道俳句学校 to promote the practice of haiku poetry for students and young people.
He’s the editor of Harusame 春雨 (‘Spring rain’), a project whose goal is to publish an English language haiku every week (along with a brief comment as a critic), giving visibility to beginners as well as to experienced poets.

Books Published:

Selected Work
summer lightning―
the pencil tip
light snowfall―
dancing around
her real question
cup of coffee
still warm to the touch―
May haze
scented ivy―
rising from the roots
the night sky
lightning flash
I cough away
a mosquito
bent by the sneeze of a dog	wild grass


“summer lightning” – The Mainichi, September 5, 2018; “light snowfall“ – The Mainichi, March 8, 2019; “cup of coffee“; “scented ivy“; “lightning flash“; “bent by the sneeze“ - Natural Selection, 2018, Rome: La Ruota Edizioni.

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