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Oscar Luparia

Oscar Luparia

Born: September 20 1956 in Vercelli, Italy
Resides: Vercelli, Italy
E-mail: oscar (dot) luparia (at) gmail (dot) com

Oscar Luparia is a union leader. Haiku, mountains (trekking) and photography are his main passions. He approached the classical Japanese poetry about fifteen years ago. Since 2011 he is a member in the jury of the International Haiku Contest annually promoted by the Italian cultural association “Cascina Macondo”. His haiku have appeared in Shamrock Haiku Journal, The Mainichi, Failed Haiku, Incense Dreams, and others.

Awards and Other Honors: He won the “Italian Haiku Contest 2010” by Edizioni Empiria – Rome (also selected among the finalists in 2008 and 2014 editions; third place in 2016); runner-up “Cascina Macondo International Haiku Contest 2009”; selected among “European Top 100 Haijin 2017”; runner-up “Haiku Masters Photo Haiku - January 2018”.

Books Published: (only in Italian): L’attimo che resta (privately printed, 2010); Volta la pagina (privately printed, 2012); L’alta via degli haiku (eBook, 2014); Nella tazza del tè (eBook, 2015).

Selected Work
dew in the sun
I caress light
on grass blades
only my steps
on fallen leaves --
Time echo
shadows stretch
under golden beeches
mine too
snowy day
the footprints chase one another
and mingle
sultry afternoon --
is a bee at work
that swings the flower?
winter frost
daisies sleeping in the depth
of my garden

Credits: "dew in the sun" - Incense Dreams 3 (December 2017); "shadows stretch" - Incense Dreams 3 (December 2017); "sultry afternoon" - The Mainichi (August 21, 2017); "only my steps" - Failed Haiku 23 (November 2017); "snowy day" - The Mainichi (April 7, 2017); "winter frost" - The Mainichi (January 13, 2018).

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