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G.R. LeBlanc

G.R. LeBlanc

Born: in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
Resides: Dieppe, New Brunswick, Canada
E-mail: gisele (at) grleblanc (dot) com

G.R. LeBlanc (also known as Gisele) is a poet and fiction writer currently residing in Atlantic Canada.  She fell under the haiku spell in 2008 and has been learning, writing, and sharing her passion ever since.  Her poetry has been included in the following poetry anthologies/collections: Gems: An Anthology of Haiku, Senryu, and Sedoka (Bamboo Hut Press, 2014); Itty-Bits of Bliss (Tangerine Sky Productions, 2006); and Temporal Currents (Tangerine Sky Productions, 2005).

Awards and Other Honors: Commendation - Polish International Haiku Competition (2011); Honorable Mention - First Annual H. Gene Murtha Memorial Senryu Contest (Failed Haiku, 2016).

Selected Work
the words
on the tip of my tongue
dandelion seeds
Milky Way
the numerical perfection
of a snail’s shell
wild rhubarb
that sudden yearning
for something more
scent of wind
a lizard steps out
of its old skin
after the squall
the tinkling concerto
of sailboats
endless sky…
we follow the twinkle
of fireflies

Credits: "the words" - Acorn 28 (April 2012); "wild rhubarb" - Frogpond (Fall 2011); "after the squall" - Notes from the Gean (December 2010); "Milky Way" - Acorn 33 (Fall 2014); "scent of wind" - The Heron’s Nest XVII:1 (March 2015); "endless sky" - A Hundred Gourds (March 2012).

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