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Lidia Rozmus

Lidia Rozmus

Born: in Międzylesie, Poland
Resides: Vernon Hills, Illinois (The Republic of Mole Hill), USA
E-mail: rozmuslidia (at) gmail (dot) com

Born in Poland, Lidia Rozmus has lived in the United States since 1980 and works as a graphic designer, teacher, painter, sumi-e artist, and haiku poet. In addition to designing dozens of books and chapbooks, she has published eight books of her own graphic work and poetry. Rozmus shown her sumi-e and haiga throughout the U.S., Poland, Japan, and Australia. She has been Art Editor of the journal Modern Haiku since 2002 and of the Mayfly since 2000. She is also president of the Republic of Mole Hill.

Awards and Other Honors:

Cultural Achievement Award of The Japan America Society of Chicago (2019; Haiku Society of America Mildred Kanterman Merit Book Award for Design and Aesthetics for Book (Moondance by Marian Olson, 2014); Haiku Society of America Merit Book Award Honorable Mention for Anthology (The Moss at Tokeiji, 2012); Haiku Society of America Merit Book Award Honorable Mention for haibun (My Journey, 2004); First Prize, International Haiku Contest – Masaoka Shiki International Haiku Awards, Matsuyama, Japan (2002); Second Prize, Midwest Haiku Contest (2001); Haiku Society of America Merit Book Award for design (A Dandelion’s Flight - haiku and sumi-e, 1995).

Books Published:

The Republic of Mole Hill – book for writing, Austeria, Poland 2017; In Silence, 静けさに, W ciszy – Haiga, (book-potfolio), Deep North Press, 2017; Climbing Mole Hill, Deep North Press, 2015; The Moss at Tokeiji, Deep North Press, 2011; Hailstones, Haiku by Taneda Santoka, Deep North Press, 2006; My Journey, Deep North Press, (English and Polish editions) 2004, 2005; Twenty Views from Mole Hill, Deep North Press (English and Polish editions), 1999; Chrapanie myszy, Lidia Press, 1998; A Dandelion’s Flight - haiku and sumi-e, Lidia Press, 1995.

Selected Work
one breath
one brush stroke
winter dream
I’m sewing on a button
with one hole
starry night
I’m here 
and there
winter moon
in deep craters
moonlight all over
inside me prayer
never heard before
home alone
of my pulse


“one breath” – HSA 1995 Members’ Anthology; “winter dream” – Modern Haiku, Vol. 44.2, 2013; “starry night” – Frogpond Vol. 37:2, 2014; “winter moon” – HSA 2017 Members’ Anthology; “moonlight all over” – My Journey, Deep North Press, 2004; “home alone” – HSA 2014 Members’ Anthology.

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