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David Bingham

David Bingham

Born: December 13 1946 in Liverpool, United Kingdom
Resides: Shropshire, United Kingdom
E-mail: david (dot) hodgebower (at) tiscali (dot) co (dot) uk

I wrote poetry for a long time and had my work published in a variety of small press magazines and anthologies before I attended a workshop on haiku at a poetry convention. Since then haiku has taken over and become my main writing activity. My haiku, tanka, and haibun have been published in Still, Blithe Spirit, and Presence. I am a member of the British Haiku Society and have recently taken on the role of librarian for the Society.

Awards and Other Honors: Long-listed for the ‘With Words’ Haiku Competition (2009); Focus Poet, Presence 39 (2009).

Selected Work
slow thaw—
a thrush on the outhouse roof
puffs up its feathers
apples hang over
from a walled orchard
close enough to pick
parting for the first time
they surprise each other
with a clumsy kiss
winter morning—
along the bridle path
horseshoes of ice
cloud-hidden moon—
a badger in torchlight
holds his ground
December diary
squeezing next year
into the margins

Credits: "slow thaw" - Presence 41 (2010); "parting for the first time" - Blithe Spirit 17:4 (2007); "cloud-hidden moon" - Presence 39 (2009); "apples hang over" - Blithe Spirit 17:4 (2007); "winter morning" - Blithe Spirit 19:1 (2009); "December diary" - Blithe Spirit 18:1 (2008).

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