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Alexey Andreev

Alexey Andreev

Born: May 07 1971 in Novgorod, Russia
Resides: Moscow, Russia
E-mail: lexa (at) eva (dot) ru

Alexey Andreev was graduated from St. Petersburg State University as a mathematician. In different years, he served as a computer scientist, a journalist, a cyberpunk writer, a chief editor for news portals and parenting communities. Now he lives in Moscow and works for an information security company. Alexey wrote his first English haiku in 1994, as a member of the Shiki Mailing List. He created the first Russian haiku e-zine Lyagushatnik ( in 1997.  His poems were published in some international anthologies (Haiku World, Haiku Sans Frontieres, Red Moon) and magazines world-wide (Woodnotes, Frogpond, Europoesie, still, Presence, Heron's Nest, Modern Haiku, Kokako, Chrysanthemum, Acorn, World Haiku Review, A Hundred Gourds, Asahi Haikuist Network, DailyHaiku, and others). His current hobby is string figures, and he enjoys teaching string figures to kids or telling them string tales. He has created a video of two of his string stories (in Russian): the first story is about Navajo Indians' Starlore (with real Navajo and Inuit string figures), and the second one is about the Snail climbing up the Fuji Mount. The video may be viewed by copying and pasting this link into your browser:

Awards and Other Honors: Second Place, Shiki Internet Haiku Contest (1995); Second Prize, Mainichi International Haiku Contest (1997); First Place, AIHN Second Japan-Russia Haiku Contest (2013); Second Place, Polish International Haiku Competition (2014); First Place, RiAus Sci-ku competition (2015); Second Prize, International Kusamakura Haiku competition (2015); Runner-up, Golden Haiku Contest (2015); Editor's Choice, Asahi Haikuist Network (September 9, 2015); and others.

Books Published: Moyayama. Russian Haiku Diary (A Small Garlic Press, Chicago, 1996 // Japanese edition: Happa-no Kofu, Kawasaki, 2002).

Selected Work
a toy soldier's shadow
crosses the sandbox
breaking in two
a log on the fire
on the bridge — both ways
in mist
purga purga
my fridge and my cat
talk weather
september sun
my barber doesn't hurry
the year’s end
looking for stars
among snowflakes

Credits: "sunset" - Editor's Choice, Asahi Haikuist Network (September 9, 2015); "pausing" - Second Prize, Mainichi International Haiku Contest (1997); "september sun" - Presence 53 (Autumn 2015); "silence" - Second Place, Polish International Haiku Competition (2014); "purga purge" - The Heron's Nest XVIII:1 (March 2016); "the year’s end" - Runner-up, Golden Haiku Contest (2015).

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