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Zuzanna Truchlewska

Zuzanna Truchlewska

Born: 1983 in Mikolow, Poland
Resides: Laziska Gorne, Poland
E-mail: suee (at) wp (dot) pl

I am a teacher and tutor, fan of mountains, music, poetry and photography. My haiku have appeared in The Asahi Shimbun (Asahi Haikuist Network), Cattails, KUZU, The Mainichi Japan, Wild Plum, and the WHA Haiga Contest.

Awards and Other Honors: First Place, Polish Haiku Kukai (2015); Second Place, Polish Haiku Kukai (2013, 2014); Third Place, Polish Haiku Kukai (2014); First Place in Polish Haiku Competition "Poems on the Subway" (2016); Certificate, European Top 100 most creative haiku authors (2015).

Books Published: Seasons in Polish Haiku [collective work in Polish, Wydawnictwo Kontekst] (Poznan 2015); Polish anthology about animals [collective work in Polish, Wydawnictwo Kontekst] (Poznan 2013).

Selected Work
green tea leaf 
on the bottom of a cup
a chinese dragon
an earthquake - 
in the day care's rubble
a lego tower
low tide - 
the lighthouse's shadow
covered by a wave
night pond—
the Big Dipper full
of leaves
through the doors
of an umbrella store
dandelion seeds
forest covered by snow
between the tree
the last ray of sun

Credits: "green tea leaf" - Polish Anthology about animals (2013); "low tide" - Cattails (winter 2016); "through the doors" - Cattails (September 2015); "an earthquake" - Cattails (winter 2016); "night pond" - Cattails (May 2016); "forest covered by snow" - Daily Haiga (March 2016).

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