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Ernest Wit

Ernest Wit

Born: 1961 Poland
Resides: Poland
E-mail: ernestwit (at) gmail (dot) com

Ernest Wit is an award-winning Polish author whose work appears regularly in the best English-language haiku magazines and anthologies around the world. Some of his poems have won awards in international haiku competitions. A linguist by education and well-versed in a number of languages, he has worked as a teacher, translator, editor and lexicographer. Ernest Wit is married and has a son. He likes literature, classical music, strolling in the woods, hiking in the mountains, and cycling through the countryside.

Books Published: Bitter Wind (Kontekst Publishing House, Poznan 2015) [a bilingual Polish-English collection of 100 poems]; Black and White (Red Moon Press, Winchester VA, 2016) [contains 80 poems in English].

Selected Work
first year of her death
bees pollinate the blossoms
on a broken branch
a shiver running
through the horse’s side
summer dusk
shimmering lake
how unimportant
what’s important
a passer-by
hidden in himself
falling rain
the ruins
of a haunted house
I pass through walls
she comes to me
attired only
in a short night

Credits: “first year of her death” – Sakura Award, Vancouver Haiku Invitational (2012); “shimmering lake” – The Heron’s Nest XIV:1 (March, 2012); “the ruins” – Prune Juice (2014); “a shiver running” – Frogpond (2015); “a passer-by” – Acorn (2015); “she comes to me” – Frogpond (2014).

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