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Darrell Byrd

Darrell Byrd

Born: September 14 1937 in Upland California, USA
Resides: El Centro, California, USA
E-mail: debyrd4 (at) gmail (dot) com

Darrell Byrd is an Agricultural Biologist living in Imperial Valley, California--a diverse agricultural area in the northern Sonoran Desert. While serving in the Pacific Fleet, he became interested in Japanese culture and haiku when stationed in Sasebo, Japan. He began writing haiku in 2000, and contributes to on-line haiku lists and photo-haiku sites as well as several journals. Darrell takes advantage of the desert and mountain terrain of his environs, and his years at sea for inspiration in creating his haiku.

Selected Work
willow scent
a kingfisher hangs
in the air
receding surf
the undercurrent
in her voice
march bluster
the dragon kite
rattles its tail
boyhood home
a sculpted salt lick
the mare left
morning swelter . . .
a locust in step
with the shade
fall breeze
a wasp struggles
with the screen door

Credits: "willow scent" - The Heron's Nest IV:12 ( 2002); "march bluster" - Frogpond XXIV:3 (2001); "morning swelter" – First Place, moonset (Autumn/Winter 2007); "receding surf" – Frogpond XXVI:3 (2003); "boyhood home" - Frogpond XXV:3 (2002); "fall breeze" - The Heron's Nest VI:11 (2004).

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