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James Meredith

James Meredith

Born: April 13 1968
Resides: Belfast, Ireland
E-mail: jpmeredith1968 (at) googlemail (dot) com

James Meredith lives in Belfast on the island of Ireland. His stories and poems have been published in Ireland, the UK, Europe & the USA. He has also had poetry, haiku, senryu and tanka published in translation in various Romanian literary journals.

Awards and Other Honors: Winner, Brian Moore Short Story Award (Ireland, 2002).

Books Published: Drawers of Sand / Sertare de nisip, by Laurian Lodoaba and James Meredith, in a bilingual English and Romanian edition. ISBN: 978-973-612-552-5 (Editura Tempul, Romania, 2014).

Selected Work
after the deluge
in the cracks between the path
wild flowers grow
night without sleep—
clouds drifting across the moon
the pattern of dreams
as the sun rises
spider webs catch morning mist—
these diamond days
what keeps me from sleep?
the sight of the waning moon
from my closed window
the bench where we kissed
is covered in fallen leaves—
autumn come again
in the autumn wind
her hair dancing like seaweed
on the shores of home

Credits: "after the deluge" - Revista Alternante nr.4 (9) 2015 BT (1); "as the sun rises" - Acolada, nr 9 (94) Semptembrie 2015 (anul IX); "the bench where we kissed" - Acolada, nr 9 (94) Semptembrie 2015 (anul IX); "night without sleep" - Revista Alternante nr.4 (9) 2015 BT (1); "what keeps me from sleep?" - Acolada, nr 9 (94) Semptembrie 2015 (anul IX); "in the autumn wind" - Acolada, nr 9 (94) Semptembrie 2015 (anul IX).

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