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Stoianka Boianova

Stoianka Boianova

Born: March 29 1955 in Manolsko Konare near Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Resides: Sofia, Bulgaria
E-mail: stboianova (at) abv (dot) bg

Stoianka Boianova has a Master’s degree in Physics from the University of Plovdiv. She works in the field of measurement instruments - metal hardness, temperature measurement and heat. She develops and audits systems for quality control. Currently she is a Chief Expert in the Bulgarian Metrology Institute in Sofia. Stoianka is author of 11 books - nine books of poetry, one novel and one collection of short stories; co-author of 9 publications, and editor of books of short stories, novels and dictionaries. She has over 120 publications and articles in the local and national media, and there are over 50 reviews of her literary work. Her work has also been published in English, Polish, Serbian and Armenian. She is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Writers, the Union of Metrologists in Bulgaria, the Technical Committee of the Bulgarian Accreditation Service, and Haiku Club-Plovdiv.

Awards and Other Honors: 1969 - First prize in a National Poetry Contests for High School students, Bulgaria; 1973 - Poetry Award competition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the death of Vasil Levski, Bulgaria; 1978 - Award in fiction in a national contest, Bulgaria; 1979 - Poetry Award, Blagoevrad, Bulgaria; Golden Award in the Fifth National Review of Amateur art; 1981 - Poetry Award dedicated to the 1300th anniversary of the Establishment of the Bulgarian state, Karlovo, Bulgaria; 1983 - Award for her first poetry book, Haskovo, Bulgaria; 1985 - Award for humorous prose "Uncles"-1985, Bulgaria; 2015 - First prize in the National Contest “Cherry Blossom” by the Bulgarian Haiku Union; 2015 - Distinction at the Second International Haiku Conference, Krakow, Poland; 2015 - Distinction at the Third Contest for haiku poetry Japan-Russia - Akita the Land of Poetry; 2015 - Distinction at the National Haiku Contest by the Bulgarian Haiku Union (December 2015).

Books Published: Running Spaces (poems] (Narodna mladej, Sofia, 1982); A Seaside Street [poems] (Tsanko Tserkovski, Sofia, 1992; second edition, Perfect, Sofia, 1996); The Grass On The Other Side [poems] (Perfect, Sofia, 1996); Far Away, Far Away [novel] (Bulgarski pisatel, Sofia, 1998); Blooming Night [poems in English and Bulgarian translated by the author] (Izdatelsko atelie Ab, Sofia, 2001); Among The Roses [artist, author] (Atanas Seikov Foundation, Sofia, 2004); Wind Crosses The Valley [artist, author] (Atanas Seikov Foundation, Sofia, 2009); I'm Different Without You [poems] (Atanas Seikov Foundation, Sofia, 2011); Along The Shores Of Life [novel] (Atanas Seikov Foundation, Sofia, 2011); Invisible Blessing [poems] (Atanas Seikov Foundation, Sofia, 2015).

Selected Work
the sun is rising
from all directions
haiku conference
glisten between mountains 
a bridge after the flood
Much grains of sand.
Their embraces create
peaks of mountains.
April nights
cherries blossoming 
even in our dreams
firefly glowing 
on the window at night
a greeting from mum
shivering with cold
summer is coming
but I only see winter

Credits: "the sun is rising" - A Hundred Gourds 4:4 (September 2015); "Much grains of sand" - Haiku Anthology - Second International Haiku Conference, Kraków (May, 2015); "firefly glowing" - Literaturen Sviat 78 (November 2015); "rainbows" - Literaturen Sviat 78 (November 2015); "April nights" - First Prize, BHU Haiku Contest “Cherry Blossom” (2015); "shivering with cold" - I'm Different Without You [poems] (Sofia, 2011).

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