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Marta Chocilowska

Marta Chocilowska

Born: January 03 in Warsaw, Poland
Resides: Warsaw, Poland
E-mail: martachocilowska (at) gmail (dot) com

Marta Chocilowska - cats' lover and cyclist, lives in Warsaw. She began writing haiku in 2013, when she joined the Polish school of classical haiku. Co-author of several domestic and foreign haiku anthologies, winner and judge of domestic and international haiku contests. Publications in international haiga and haiku journals ( Asahi Haikuist Network (The Asahi Shimbun), A Hundred Gourds, Brass Bell, Cattails, Chrysanthemum, Daily Haiga, hedgerow, Failed Haiku, Inner Voices, KUZU, Le Lumaniche, Otata, Poetry Corner, Stardust Haiku, The Mainichi, Under the Basho, World Haiku Review) and WHA Haiga Contest (2014-2017). Author of Seasons in Polish kigo; a member of the founding committee of the Polish Haiku Association (2015), and, since 2018, President of that association.

Awards and Other Honors:

Polish International Haiku Competition (commendation, 2014); Grand Prizes, prizes and commendations, Wakai Haiku Contest (2014, 2015, 2017, 2018); Honorable Mention, 2nd International Haiku Conference Haiku Contest (Cracow 2015); Grand Prizes and commendations Autumn Garden contests (2017, 2018); 1st Place European Quarterly Kukai (2016); Commendation "Haiku in the Subway Contest" (2016); Third Place, Finch Nest kukai (2016); Second Prize, 5th Haiku Contest Sharpening the Green Pencil (2016); Sponsor's Award (Haiku International Association) the 27th ITO EN Ocha New Haiku Contest (2016) and The Merit Award (2017); Second Prize Revista Haiku Contest (2017) and Senryu Award (2018); The Mainichi Haiku in English Best of 2016 (one poem), Best of 2017 (2 poems); The 9th World Haiku Association Conference, Parma, Italy - Haiga Exhibition, Sept. 2017; European Top 100 most creative haiku authors Certificates (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017).

Books Published:

Wiersze z kotem (Poems with a Cat) (Printing House “Rewasz”, 2004);
Work Anthologised: Seasons in Polish Haiku (Kontekst Publishing House, 2015); Cherry trees and willows [Polish-English-Japanese haiku anthology of Polish School of Classic Haiku “KUZU” ] (Japonica, 2015); Faces and Places Don Baird Haiku Anthology (The Little Buddha Press, 2015); Whirligig. Multilingual haiku journal (vol. VI-1 May, 2015 ('t schrijverke (2015); Haiku Anthology, 2nd International Haiku Conference, Cracow 2015 (Kontekst Publishing House, 2015); IRIS (International Journal of Haiku Association “Three Rivers”, Ivanić Grad, Croatia, 2015; 2017); samoborski haiku susreti “Darko Plažanin ; Samobor Haiku Meeting Anthology ( Matrix Croatica Samobor, 2017; 2018); IGRAČKE / TOYS HAIKU (Haiku Association “Three Rivers”, Ivanić Grad, Croatia, 2017); hedgerow No. 110, Spring 2017 (wildflower poetry press, 2017); Blithe Spirit vol. 28, No. 1 (Journal of The British Haiku Society, 2018); Senryu To (Japanese poetry magazine No. 1089, 2018); Migratory Birds (1st Almanac of Polish Haiku Association, Kontekst Publishing House, 2018); Wishbone Moon - s women’s haiku anthology, Jacar Press, 2018, ed. by Roberta Beary, Ellen Compton, Kala

Selected Work
chirps everywhere 
a street musician lays aside 
his violin
praying for rain ―
the sunflowers' heads
getting lower
quiet splash just by our boat Perseids night
in his arms…
the scent of jasmine
till the morning
rainbow flash
a kingfisher swoops
on its prey
hazy moon
a snowflake thaws
between our lips

Credits: "chirps everywhere" - A Hundred Gourds 4:4 (September 2015); "quiet splash" - Brass Bell: a haiku journal (September 2015); "rainbow flash" - Asahi Haikuist Network (March 20, 2015); "praying for rain" - Cattails (September 2015); "in his arms" - Chrysanthemum 17 (April 2015); "hazy moon" - Brass Bell: a Haiku Journal (December 2015). éâ

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