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Aalix Roake

Aalix Roake

January 16, 1947 - December 12, 2018

Aalix was born in America and moved to New Zealand in 2002. She published haiku in the mid-1990s and had a hiatus that lasted many years. During that time, she earned graduate degrees in the Social Sciences and was an University lecturer, a freelance writer, an artist (ongoing) and wrote mainstream and genre poetry and fiction. After taking haiku workshops, she returned her focus to haiku and expanded to tanka, haibun and haiga. Aalix’s work has appeared in Modern Haiku, Frogpond, The Heron’s Nest, Atlas Poetica, Kokako, Tinywords, A Hundred Gourds, bottle rockets, Under the Basho, Chrysanthemum Presence, Frozen Butterfly, Haibun Today and Contemporary Haibun Online among others.
It is with sadness that we record the deaths of Aalix Roake (71) and her husband Richard (63) in a car crash near Rolleston in Canterbury on the morning of Wednesday, December 12, 2018.
Some of haiku by Aalix Roake on New Zealand Poetry Society page.

Awards and Other Honors: Honourable Mention, Diogen (April 2012); Honourable Mention, Klostar Ivanic Haiku Competition (2013); First Place, HaikuWorld Shiki Kukai (November 2013); Commendation, Klostar Ivanic Haiku Competition (2014); Haiku of Merit, World Haiku Review Vanguard (Spring 2014); Highly Commended, Kokako's 5th International Tanka Competition (2015); Second Place, Third Annual International Autumn Moon Viewing Competition (2016); Commended, Kokako’s 8th International Haiku and Senryu Competition (2016); Best of Issue Award List, Presence 55 (2016); and Second Place, Betty Drevniok Award (Canada, 2017). Her work has been selected for various anthologies, including 100 Tanka by 100 Poets (New Zealand Poetry Society Anthologies, 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016); A Vast Sky (The World Haiku Association, 2015) and Afterlife (2016). She has also been chosen to be featured in the New Zealand Poetry Society’s Showcase of Haiku Poets.

Selected Work
the reconnaissance of trees
silent morning a bowl of plums falls into itself
geese passing…
I have heard they mate
for life
constant rain--
I can smell
the grey of my horse
through reading glasses
a Monet painting
lost to the wind
winter solstice
lilies wilting
in the vase . . .
our anniversary this week
full moonlight
the black spider
stops spinning
flute notes through the summer air sparrows
too many bones to sing a young song

Credits: "the reconnaissance" - Modern Haiku 47.2 (Spring/Summer 2016); "geese passing" - Second Place, Betty Drevniok Award (Canada, 2017); "garden" - Commended, Kokako Haiku and Senryu contest, Kokako 24 (2016); Haiku NZ Showcase 2016 (ongoing); "silent morning" - Best of Issue Awards 10, Presence 55 (2016) [award published Issue 56]; "constant rain" - The Heron’s Nest XV11:4 (December 2015); The Per Diem Feature (The Haiku Foundation, 2016); Haiku NZ Showcase 2016 (ongoing); "scarf" - Modern Haiku 47.1 (Winter 2015); “lilies wilting” – World Haiku Review , Haiku of Merit, April 2014; “full moonlight” - Wild Plum 1:1 Spring&Summer 2015; “flute notes” - tinywords issue 17.1, April 25, 2017; “too many bones” - 2nd place Wild Plum Haiku Contest 2018

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