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Zdravko Karakehayov

Zdravko Karakehayov

Born: in Peshtera, Bulgaria
Resides: Sofia, Bulgaria
E-mail: zgk (at) nbu (dot) bg

Zdravko Karakehayov is a Computer Science Professor, New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria. He received the Ph.D. and D.Sc. degrees in computer science from the Technical University of Sofia. Formerly Zdravko Karakehayov was with the Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby and the University of Southern Denmark, Sønderborg. He authored or coauthored ten books, four of them published in the USA. Zdravko Karakehayov was a Distinguished Visitors Program speaker of the IEEE Computer Society. He belongs to Haiku Club Sofia.

Awards and Other Honors:

Modern Haiku Award - favorite senryu of the Winter-Spring 2017 issue, Vol. 48.1.

Books Published:

Birthday, Sofia, 2000 (in Bulgarian); Вятърни мелници / Windmill sails. 3D хайку / 3D haiku, Sofia, 2019 (privately published).

Selected Work
the next crack
for the climber's hand
a seagull's shadow
a deer in the woods
I touch
the window of the train
adding bookmarks
along the river
boats at anchor
pub chairs and
church pews
the same tree
rays of sun
door to door
selling knives
the changing of the guard
my grandson and I


“the next crack” – Modern Haiku Vol. 46.2, Summer 2015; “a deer in the woods“ – Whirligig Vol. VI-1, May 2015, Den Bosch, Netherlands; “adding bookmarks“ – Frogpond Vol. 41:3, Autumn 2018; “pub chairs” – Modern Haiku Vol. 48.1, Winter-Spring 2017; “rays of sun“ and “watching“ – Prune Juice Issue 27, March 2019.

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