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Ginka Biliarska

Ginka Biliarska

1946 - 2007

Journalist, author of books for children, poetry books, haiku books and essays, Ginka Biliarska was born in Svishtov, Bulgaria. Her haiku have appeared in many magazines, journals, and books in nine languages. She was Secretary (2000 – 2003) and President (2003 – 2007) of Bulgarian Haiku Club. She died 2007 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Awards and Other Honors: Some of her awards and other honors include but are not limited to: Haiku of the Month, Shining Star Poetry (USA, 2006); Third Place, 6th International Haiku Contest (Ludbreg – Croatia, 2007); Second Place, Calico Cat Haiku Contest (2007).

Books Published: Bravissimo (1997); Vivo-vivace (1997); Haiku (1998); Haiku. Tanka (2000); The Day of the Butterfly (2001); Vishnevo Haiku (2002).  She was the selector for the anthologies The Flower (2002), The Rose (2003), The Road (2004), and Song of the Water (children haiku, 2004).

Selected Work
Between the winter
and spring. Naked tree
with a singe leaf
horse chestnuts galloping
after the summer
Web cracks,
web of wrinkles –
all preserved in the mirror
drop, drop, drop…
a falling icicle is marking
Could not believe
That this broken lift
Is stairway to heaven
Empty swing.
The wind is swinging by himself.
Mizzling petals
across the path
sweet and sour sin
neighbour's vineyard

Credits: “Between the winter” – frogpond XXIV:1 [International Haiku Issue] (2001); “Web cracks” – nominated in the haiku contest Graf Mur (Russia, 2003); “Could not believe” – Haikumena 2; “across the path” - Haikumena 2; “hoofbeat” – Haikumena 2; “drop, drop, drop" – Bulgarian Pages; “Empty swing” – The Flower, Bulgarian Haiku Anthology (2002).

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