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Adam Traynor

Adam Traynor

Born: February 16 1967 in Brattleboro Vermont, USA
Resides: Portland, OR, USA

I've travelled some; am mostly self-taught; first thought I would be a naturalist, then a photographer, but I can't afford that. Now I see I want to work with word-images. I can afford pencils.

Selected Work
the long a of gray
the long a of rain
the shortest day
five o'clock ticking umbrellas on the marble floor
human remains the year a buffalo nickel
mirror the last thing they took out fading light

Credits: "the long a of gray" - Frogpond 33:1 (2010); "human remains" - R'r 13.2 (2014); "five o'clock" - Modern Haiku 44:3 (2013); "mirror" - Modern Haiku 44:3 (2013)

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