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Jessica Malone Latham

Jessica Malone Latham

Born: April 07 1982 in San Diego California, USA
Resides: Santa Rosa, California, USA
E-mail: senoritamalone (at) hotmail (dot) com

Jessica Malone Latham is a writer, translator and poet. Accomplished in various genres, her writing has appeared on NPR radio and in several journals. She is a contributing writer for Mothering and assists in the editing of Yukei Teiki Haiku Society GEPPO Newsletter. Her haiku, senryu, tanka, and haibun have appeared in numerous print and online journals and anthologies. Jessica is currently writing a spiritual nonfiction-parenting book for publication. She’s also the creator of "rowdy prisoners" [], a site that features poetry, prose and interviews of local and internationally recognized community members daring to live with authenticity and love.

Awards and Other Honors: Jessica's poetry was paired with and featured in a dance performance, “The Pursuit of Happiness”. She has led several mothering circles to promote the importance of writing the way through the motherhood experience, as a practice for awareness and healing. She was presented the Jose Marti Award for writing in her Master's program at San Jose State University. Her haiku was featured on the Modern Haiku website for issue 45.2 (2014). Jessica's work has been featured in numerous anthologies, including Yuki Teikei Anthology, The Plover and the Moonstone (2015), Yuki Teikei Anthology, Above the Clouds (2013), Willow Glen Poetry Anthology (2013), Contemporary Haibun Anthology (Red Moon Press 2013) and Yuki Teikei Anthology, Bending Reeds (2012).

Books Published: Tiny Buddha's 365 Tiny Love Challenges, one of the contributing writers (HarperOne 2015); Conversations with My Brother (unsolicited self-published chapbook 2012); Off the Cuff (unsolicited self-published chapbook 2012); Lessons from My Mother (unsolicited self-published chapbook 2012); Shadows (unsolicited self-published chapbook 2011).

Selected Work
I tell my son
it's ok to be fragile...
basil blossoms
wolf moon
the hour she begins
to push
hummingbird shadow
in the midst of motherhood
I forget myself
changing seasons
from donating to Goodwill
to shopping there
the tomato flowers
night weaning
the moon's light

Credits: “I tell my son” - tinywords 15.2 (2015); “hummingbird shadow” - Yuki Teikei Anthology The Plover and the Moonstone (2015); “marriage” - Yuki Teikei Anthology The Plover and the Moonstone (2015); “wolf moon” - Modern Haiku 44.3 (2013); “changing seasons” - The Heron's Nest XV:2 (2013); “night weaning” - Yuki Teikei Anthology The Plover and the Moonstone (2015).

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