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Ken Sawitri

Ken Sawitri

Born: in Blora Central Jawa, Indonesia
Resides: Blora, Central Jawa, Indonesia

Ken Sawitri was born in Blora, Central Jawa, Indonesia, and completed her degree in psychology at Universitas Indonesia (1993). She had the first publication in Indonesian national mass media when she was in junior high school. Being amazed with Arakida Moritake's work when she was a teen, now she has begun writing haiku and being the contributor for international haiku publications. Member of the United Haiku and Tanka Society and chosen to be the UHTS Ambassador for Indonesia (2014). More of her work may be found at

Awards and Other Honors: Second Prize, DIOGEN Summer Haiku Contest (2013); the Izbora Radova (Choice of Poems) DIOGEN Summer Haiku Contest (2013); the Izbora Radova (Choice of Poems) DIOGEN Autumn Haiku Contest (2013); Honourable Mention, Mongolian Haiku Association in the First Kukai Time to Bloom Pasqueflowers (2015). In collaboration with Jimat Achmadi (Indonesia), two of their haiga have been awarded as the Editor’s Choice in Cattails (May 2014 and September 2014); haiga chosen by Ron C. Moss for A Hundred Gourds 4.3 (June 2015); chosen being in The 132nd and 133rd World Haiku Association (WHA) Haiga Contest (2015).

Selected Work
morning birdsong
letting the light
silently in
latest news
the tv broadcasts
an old war
the farmers in the core of the sun are butterfly wings in rain
gamelan workshop
the politician
takes off his eyeglasses
tv life
our wall riddled with
bullet holes
election day
preparing the fermented rice
keeps us heard

Credits: “morning birdsong” - A Hundred Gourds 4.3 (June 2015) [selected by Lorin Ford and chosen to be haiga by Ron C. Moss]; “the farmers” - BONES, journal for contemporary haiku 3 (December 2013) [selected by Aditya Bahl, Alan Summers, and Johannes S. H. Bjerg]; “tv life” - Chrysanthemum 17 (April 2015) [selected by Beate Conrad and translated into German]; Prune Juice : journal of senryu, kyoka & haiga 16 (July 2015) [as haiga; selected by Terri L. French and Bruce Boynton]; “latest news” - Frogpond 38.2 (Spring-Summer 2015) [selected by Francine Banwarth and Michele Root-Bernstein]; “gamelan workshop” - A Hundred Gourds 4.2 (March 2015) [selected by Lorin Ford]; “election day” - BONES, journal for contemporary haiku 6 (March 2015) [selected by Aditya Bahl, Alan Summers, and Johannes S. H. Bjerg]

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