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Destiny Izehi

Destiny Izehi

Born: September 21 1987, Nigeria
Resides: Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria
E-mail: ixehi (at) yahoo (dot) com

I was born and brought up in Nigeria by Mr. & Mrs. S.E. Ughulu. I studied Diploma in Law.

Awards and Other Honors:

My work has received multiple Gold, Silver, Bronze and Honorary Awards in contests organised at ( Many of my haiku have been selected to appear in the Prism monthly anthologies edited by Ronald Wiseman at

Selected Work
a hand on head
from the rabbit hole
burrowing through barricades
an indweller’s path
casting weight on littoral
puny pillars
long view
pining through the forest
inside out
night music
jamming to the 'wakeshift'
vox populi croaks
through my staycation window
green revolution


"sun-blaze" – Gold Winner among 20 contestants,; “from the rabbit hole” - has been awarded gold, silver, bronze and honorary in a short time space; “sandcastles” - silver winner among 80 contestants; "long view" - Gold Winner among 20 contestants, (2016); Prism Calendar (2017); “night music” - 2 gold, 1 silver, 3 bronze and 1 honorary awards in 9 competitions, (2020); "vox populi croaks " - 1 gold and 1 bronze awards, (2020).

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