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Nikola Duretić

Nikola Duretić

Born: July 24 1949 in Osijek, Croatia
Resides: Zagreb, Croatia

Nikola Đuretić – Croatian author – read English Language and Literature as well as Comparative Literature at the Zagreb University. For more than two decades he lived in London where he worked for the BBC as a Senior Producer. To date Đuretić has published twenty eight books of prose, poetry, essays and feuilleton, of which eight books of haiku. His work has been included into many anthologies and he received numerous literary awards. For his contribution to Croatian culture he was awarded the state order of merit Red Danice hrvatske s likom Marka Marulića. Upon retiring from the BBC, he returned to Croatia where he lives as a full time writer. Nikola Đuretić is a member of the Croatian Writers' Association.

Awards and Other Honors:

Marko Marulić Award for a book of short stories „Vragolovi“, Croatia (1973); Order of Danica Hrvatska s likom Marka Marulića for his overall contribution to Croatian culture (1998); „K. Š. Gjalski“ Award for the best prose work of the year, Croatia (2012); Commendation at the International Haiku Competition „Sharpening the green pencil“, Romania (2013); Commendation at the International Haiku Competition „Vladimir Devidé“, Japan (2013); Commendation at the Polish International Haiku Competition, Poland (2013); Honourable Mention, The 16th HIA Haiku Contest, Japan (2014); Runner up at the International Haiku Competition „Vladimir Devide“, Japan (2015); „Dubravko Horvatić“ Award for the short story, Croatia (2015); Croatian Academy Award for the highest scientific and artistic achievements in the Republic of Croatia (2016); “Josip and Ivan Kozarac” Award, Croatia (2017); ITO EN Oi Ocha New Haiku Contest Merit Award, Japan (2018).

Books Published: To date Nikola Đuretić has published twenty eight books of prose, poetry, essays and feuilleton of which eight are haiku collections.

Books of haiku: Pomegranate burst, Zagreb 2011; Mimosa revenge, Zagreb 2011; The Drawing of brightness, Zagreb 2012; Breeze in the sages, Zagreb 2012; Gaslight lantern, Zagreb 2013; Sound of silence, Zagreb 2014; Origami crane, Zagreb 2014; Road to autumn, Zagreb 2018.

Selected Work
don't be sad firefly
at dawn everything fades
even stars
old vendor―
bayonets and medals 
eaten by rust 
winter morn
walking the dog
and his silence
end of summer―
and how to describe
all this sadness?!
grey rainy day
she polishes silverware
third time round
my shadow
even under the moonlight
is but a shadow


“don't be sad firefly” - Samobor Haiku Meeting Darko Plažanin, 2014; “old vendor“ – The 3rd Vladimir Devidé Haiku Award, commendation; “winter morn“ - ITO EN Oi Ocha New Haiku Contest 2018, Merit Award; “end of summer“ – Ludbreg Almanac, 2018; “grey rainy day“ - Polish International Haiku Competition 2013, commendation; “my shadow“ - Ludbreg Almanac, 2019.

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