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Debbie Strange

Debbie Strange

Born: 1955 in Rosetown Saskatchewan, Canada
Resides: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
E-mail: lstrange (at) mymts (dot) net

Debbie Strange has a deep reverence for nature, and her poetry often reflects that affinity. She is grateful to the many gifted writers in the short form community who have welcomed her into the fold, and to the fine editors of leading publications worldwide who have warmly received her offerings.

Awards and Other Honors: Debbie is honored that her writing has resonated with esteemed judges of respected haiku and tanka competitions. A showcase of award-winning poems that have been incorporated into art may be viewed in The Haiku Foundation Haiga Galleries (see "Galleries" in the menu). Please visit a complete publication archive (link noted above) to view award credits, as well as her portfolios in the "Living Haiku and Senryū" anthologies. Some of her other honors include: Featured Poet for: Presence 59 (2017); Mann Library Daily Haiku (March, 2016); and the United Haiku and Tanka Society cattails (September, 2014). Debbie is delighted to be a resident artist for hedgerow: a journal of small poems (ongoing), and to have judged the Mandy’s Pages Annual Tanka Contest (2017). Additionally, her work has appeared in the following selected publications: Wordless: Haiku Canada, 40 Years of Haiku [eds. Marco Fraticelli, Claudia Coutu Radmore] (Ekstasis Editions, 2017); Erotic Haiku: Of Skin on Skin [eds. George Swede, Terry Ann Carter] (Black Moss Press, 2017); Write Like Issa: A Haiku How-To [ed. David Lanoue] (2017); A Temple Bell Sounds: 108 Tanka from the First Twenty-one Issues of Eucalypt [ed. Beverley George] (2017); Earth: Our Common Ground – A Song of Short Songs [ed. Claire Everett] (Skylark Publishing, 2017); More Grows in a Crooked Row: Tanka Conversations of Angela Leuck [ed. E.D. Blodgett] (Inkling Press, 2016); and Bright Stars Tanka Anthologies [ed. M. Kei] (Keibooks, 2014).

Books Published: A Year Unfolding: Haiku (Folded Word, 2017); Warp and Weft, Tanka Threads (Keibooks, 2015).

Selected Work
the humming of wind
in barbed wire
lilac buds
no one notices
the bruises
dry lightning
her mattress scarred
with cigarette burns
evening fog
antlers ghosting through
the coulee
coastal trail a rainbow appears in the orca’s breath
cabbage whites
shreds of the letter
I never sent

Credits: "antelope" - Honorable Mention, Lyrical Passion Poetry, World Haiku Competition (2015); "dry lightning" - Frozen Butterfly 3 (2015); "coastal trail" - Short-listed for Best-of-Issue Award, Presence 55 (2016); "lilac buds" - Haiku Canada Review10.1 (2016); Dust Devils: The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2016 [eds. Jim Kacian and the RMA editorial staff] (Red Moon Press, 2017); "evening fog" - The Heron’s Nest 17.2 (2015); "cabbage whites" - Modern Haiku 46.3 (2015).

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