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Hidenori Hiruta

Hidenori Hiruta

Born: January 23 1942 in Akita, Japan
Resides: Akita, Japan
E-mail: shhiruta (at) nifty (dot) com

In May, 1998, Hiruta studied about international haiku at the workshop by JALT (The Japan Association for Language Teaching) whose president was Professor David McMurray at the International University of Kagoshima. Since then, more than 70 haiku of his appeared in The Asahi Shimbun (ASAHI HAIKUIST NETWORK / David McMurray’s Column).
In February, 2009, he became a member of HIA (Haiku International Association), founding the website “Akita International Haiku Network”.
He has been organizing Japan-Russia Haiku Contest since 2012, but he will not organize that any longer from 2019. He will spend his time mainly on preparing for the publication of his own haiku books as long as possible.

Awards and Other Honors: DIOGEN Haiku Contest in Croatia, First Prize – Winter Haiku 2013; THE BEST HAIKU OF THE ISSUE of Haiku Stvarnost BEST OF ISSUE (First Choice) September 8, 2015; The First U.S. – Kagoshima Spring Haiku Contest, Second Prize, February 26, 2014; The 11th Pumpkin Festival, Second Prize, Ivanić-Grad, Croatia, October 18–19, 2015; The 4th Setouchi Matsuyama Photo Haiku Contest, Honorable Mentions, March 14, 2015.

Books Published: Hiruta’s maiden haiku book Surmounting will be published by the Akita International Haiku Network in 2019.

Selected Work
The midwinter―
making tea for
my birthday
Mt. Fuji
rising in a field of clouds
summer dawn 
Blizzard gone
Akita cedars
green upright
Spring earthquake
forlorn trunk reaching
a foreign shore
Farmers stop 
working in the paddy fields
little cuckoo’s song
Snow fairy
dancing again―
the whistling winds

Credits: “The midwinter” - DIOGEN Haiku Contest in Croatia (Winter Haiku 2013); “Mt. Fuji” - THE BEST HAIKU OF THE ISSUE of Haiku Stvarnost (September 8, 2015); “Blizzard gone” - The First U.S. – Kagoshima Spring Haiku Contest (February 26, 2014); “Spring earthquake” - The 4th Setouchi Matsuyama Photo Haiku Contest (March 14, 2015); “Farmers stop” – HI HAIKU INTERNATIONAL No. 90 (2010) ed. by HIA; “Snow fairy” – HI HAIKU INTERNATIONAL No. 107 (2013) ed. by HIA.

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