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Dee Evetts

Dee Evetts

Born: May 16 1943 in Hertfordshire England
Resides: Winchester, Virginia, USA
E-mail: deeevetts (at) hotmail (dot) com

Dee Evetts is co-founder (with David Cobb) of the British Haiku Society and a former secretary of the Haiku Society of America. In 1992 he started the Spring Street Haiku Group in New York, and in 1994 curated the Haiku on 42nd Street installation. He is co-editor with Jim Kacian of the ongoing series A New Resonance, and is one of the editors for the annual Red Moon Anthology.

Awards and Other Honors: These include first places in the Kaji Aso Studio (Boston Haiku Society) senryu contest and the Haiku Society of America's (HSA) Merit Book Awards, and second places in the HSA's Henderson and Brady Awards.

Books Published: Broken Flower Pots (self-published, 1969); A Small Ceremony (From Here Press, 1988); endgrain (Red Moon Press, 1997); Home After Dark (King's Road Press, 2002).

Selected Work
Christmas alone
a squirrel on my neighbor’s
unshovelled steps
deep in the mountains
the bathroom mirror
shows me the mountains
switchback trail
my hand slides round
the polished tree
dessert menu
the hairs on her arm
touch mine
guests departed
all night the rain
swelling the river
the guitarist turns to face
the subway wall

Credits: "Christmas alone" - Modern Haiku 34:1 (2003); "switchback trail" - Frogpond XXVI:1 (2003); "guests departed" - Lit From Within (Spring Street Haiku Group, 2003); "deep in the mountains" - Five o’clock Shadow (Spring Street Haiku Group, 2000); "dessert menu" - Frogpond XXIX:3 (2006); "retuning" - The Pianist’s Nose (Spring Street Haiku Group, 2001).

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