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Mary Harwell Sayler

Mary Harwell Sayler

Born: July 26 in Lewisburg Tennessee, USA
Resides: Lake Como, Florida, USA
E-mail: MaryHarwellSayler (at) gmail (dot) com

Mary Harwell Sayler has placed three books of poetry and two dozen other books with traditional and indie publishers. She’s also placed over 1,200 poems, articles, devotionals, and Bible stories in a variety of journals, anthologies, and e-zines and has written three e-books to help other poets and writers. She offers writing resources on her website, and several of her books can be found on Amazon. Although Mary works in many forms, she especially enjoys playing with haiku.

Books Published:       Books of or related to poetry: Living in the Nature Poem (Hiraeth Press, 2012) [publisher also released the e-book version in 2014]; Outside Eden, Bible-based poetry (Kelsay Books, 2014); Beach Songs & Wood Chimes, book of poems for children (Kelsay Books, 2014); Christian Poet’s Guide to Writing Poetry [e-book version of former "Poetry Taking Its Course" text published by Ocean in 2005 then updated, revised, and published on Kindle (2012); Poetry Dictionary For Children & For Fun (e-book published on Kindle 2012).

Selected Work
Low lid clouds open
their sky blue iris, watching
me – small dot, pupil.
Night gives birth to thought,
dilates the mind's womb,
bringing forth issues.
One by one I watch
five smooth stepping stones obli-
gate    people who walk.
The sun and wind flash
neon fish upon the pond –
cold swim, bright shining.
Birds ripple the wine-colored sunset.
Someone hoists a sail against
the staggering sea.
Almond slivers, pear
slices with a bit of Brie –
Spring! Taste buds blossom.

Credits: "Low lid clouds open" - Pegasus Review; Living in the Nature Poem (Hiraeth Press, 2012); "One by one I watch" - Writer’s Gazette (1997); Living in the Nature Poem (Hiraeth Press, 2012); "Birds ripple the wine-colored sunset" - Haiku Journal (06/2011); "Night gives birth to thought" - vox poetica (06/2012); "The sun and wind flash" - Haiku Journal (2012); Living in the Nature Poem (Hiraeth Press, 2012); "Almond slivers, pear" – Poetry: Taking Its Course (Ocean, 2005); Christian Poet’s Guide to Writing Poetry (Kindle, 2012).

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