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Tatjana Stefanović

Tatjana Stefanović

Born: October 30 1960 in Belgrade Serbia
Resides: Belgrade, Serbia

Tatjana Stefanović is a lawyer by profession. She writes fairy-tales, haiku, and poetry (modern and for children). Her haiku have won a good number of awards and have been included in a number of collections and journals, in her country and abroad. Tatjana is a member of the Haiku Society of Serbia and Montenegro.

Awards and Other Honors: Third Place, Kusamakura (2002); Second Place, Mainichi Haiku Contest (2003); Second Place, Basho Shigureki (2004); Third Place for the Shortest Story, Alma, Belgrade (2005); Other Choices, Best Haiku of the issue, Haiku Reality (2007); Selected, Basho Haiku Festival (2008); Selected, Klostar Ivanic (2009); Selected, Best Haiku of the Issue, Haiku Reality (2009); Prize Winner, HIA (2009); Honorable Mention, HIA (2009).

Books Published: Dvanaest bajki (Twelve Fairy Tales) (Literary Society Sveti Sava: Belgrade, 2005); co-author of Haiku cvet (A Haiku Flower) (Literary Club Branko Copic: Belgrade, 2007).

Selected Work
Ah, hydrangea!
Who will water you
when I leave him?
Relatives have left
Only one white feather
in the chicken house
Snow-covered road
Why am I undoing my hair
and making tea again?
A danger sign flying
along the road
Market rinsing
The smell of a cracked melon
late at night
Frosty night
A red rose looks at me
from graphite

Credits: "Ah, hydrangea!" - Third Place, Kusamakura (2002); "Snow-covered road" - Second Place, Mainichi Haiku Contest (2003); "Market rinsing" - Haiku Novine 20 (2006); "Relatives have left" - Selected, Basho Haiku Festival (2008); "Snowdrift" - Ko 24:4 (2004); "Frosty night" - Ginyu 40 (2008).

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