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Carlos Viegas

Carlos Viegas

Born: April 25 1951 in Pitangui (MG), Brazil
Resides: Brasilia (DF), Brazil
E-mail: viegasc (at) uol (dot) com (dot) br

Medical doctor and professor of Sleep Medicine at the University of Brasilia (DF), Brazil.

Awards and Other Honors: Encontro Brasileiro de Haikai em (2009); VI Concurso Masuda Goga em (2013); 31 Concurso Yoshio Takemoto em (2013); 32 Concurso Yoshio Takemoto em (2014).

Books Published: Caminho do Olhar - Haicai [Ed. Araucaria Cultural] (Curitiba-PR, 2014).

Selected Work
wind and rain -
the magnolia's flowers
on the asphalt
winter beach -
the gray color covers the sky
the sea and sand
autumn morning -
the dewdrops on the leaves
as spotlight
winter's crescent moon
fluctuates between clouds -
a boat adrift
gentle wind
take the fallen leaves -
end of autumn
winter's white moon
in the cloudless blue sky -
two lonely

Credits: "wind and rain" - Brasil Nikkei Bungaku 47 (2014, pg. 9); "autumn morning" - Brasil Nikkei Bungaku 47 (2014, pg. 9); "gentle wind" - Brasil Nikkei Bungaku 41 (2012, pg. 3); "winter beach" - Brasil Nikkei Bungaku 47 (2014, pg. 9); "winter's crescent moon" - Lista Haikai-L (Yahoo Grupos] (January 2014); "winter's white moon" - Lista Haikai-L (Yahoo Grupos] (January 2014).

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