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Amauri Solon

Amauri Solon

Born: December 14 1939, Brazil
Resides: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
E-mail: amauri (dot) solonribeiro (at) gmail (dot) com

Amauri Solon Is a longtime psychoanalyst, organizational consultant and poet who lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Now that he is semi-retired, he spends more time at composing poetry. An immensely busy man throughout his life, he was active in the field of horse-assisted therapy for handicapped children for nearly ten years, and also dedicated a number of years to "Globo Organization," a communication and entertainment group in Brazil which contains some 100 companies with 25,000 employees. He has also been a professor at Rio de Janeiro University. Yet, he has always studied and written poetry, admiring such poets as Basho and Issa, in Japanese poetry, Guimarães Rosa and Mario Quintana in Brazil, Gabriel Garcia Marques, Jorge Luis Borges in Latin America, and English language poets such as Dylan Thomas and Elizabeth Bishop.

Selected Work
the old oak branches
heavy with snow -
a woodpecker works
image in the mirror -
what I see and what I feel
where is the truth?
cold drizzle -
straightening my steps
I wander aimlessly
empty words
whispered in my ears -
is the gipsy lady lying to me?
little black owl -
hidden behind the foliage
peers around, watchful

Credits: "the old oak branches" - Brassbell: haiku journal [curated by Zee Zahava] (December 2014); "cold drizzle" - 100 Guilherminos (2014); "little black owl" - Azálea Florida - haikais de inverno (2014); "image in the mirror" - Miss Celânea (2014); "empty words" - Miss Celânea (2014).

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