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Simon Hanson

Simon Hanson

Born: 1955 in Adelaide, Australia
Resides: Allendale, Australia
E-mail: shanso (at) live (dot) com (dot) au

Simon lives in a tiny rural community surrounded by fields that roll all the way to a limestone coast washed by the great Southern Ocean. He draws inspiration for his writing from these open spaces and distant horizons and from ‘the well’ within. He is pleased to share his writing in various journals and anthologies and has been thrilled to see his writing translated into other languages. He relishes being a part of the world haiku community, looks forward to enjoying the work of others and hopes to continue making contributions of his own here and there.

Selected Work
our paddock
the crow and i
out of the darkness
the rumble of waves
further out
orange sunset
our long shadows
collecting firewood
another long night blackened hearthstones
fathom by fathom sunlight slips into darkness
incoming tide
over the mudflats

Credits: "surveying" - Evening Breeze [The anthology of Janice M Bostok haiku award] (2012); "orange sunset" - A Hundred Gourds 2:4 (September 2013); "fathom by fathom" - Presence 50 (2014); "out of the darkness" - the zen space (Summer 2014 Showcase); "another long night" - DailyHaiku 16 (2014); " incoming tide" - still heading out [An anthology of Australian and New Zealand haiku] (2013).

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