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Barbara Kaufmann

Barbara Kaufmann

Born: October 07 1945 in Brooklyn New York, USA
Resides: Massapequa Park, New York, USA
E-mail: sailm8bgk_at_gmail (dot) com

Barbara is a retired nurse who has fallen in love with Japanese poetry forms, including haiku, haiga, tanka and haibun. When not writing, she can be found hiking in the woods or combing the beach, camera in hand, looking for poem, or gardening in her small backyard which the birds and the bees kindly share with her. She drops everything when the grandchildren arrive.

Awards and Other Honors: Sakura Award, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Haiku Invitational [US] (2014).

Selected Work
two sparrows
scrabble along the gutter
melting snow
ribbon of sand
left behind by the tide
summer love
perfectly still
a baby watching
pink blossoms sway
porch light
late into evening
my father's cigar
day moon
a pop fly lands
in a boy's glove
gunmetal the color of election year rain

Credits: "two sparrows" - cattails (Spring 2015); "perfectly still" - Sakura Award, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Haiku Invitational [US] (2014); "day moon" - Modern Haiku 48.1 (Winter-Spring 2017); "ribbon of sand" - Modern Haiku 46.2 (Summer 2015); "porch light" - brass bell: a haiku journal (August 2015); "gunmetal" - Acorn 37 (Autumn 2016).

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