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Guy Simser

Guy Simser

Born: April 11 1935 in Toronto Ontario, Canada
Resides: Kanata, Ontario, Canada
E-mail: guy (dot) simser (at) sympatico (dot) ca

As a member of the "Silent Generation", Guy learned cursive writing with a straight pen and school desk inkwell. It trained him to think between words. He still does, he thinks. Tagged “imagist/humorist” by lyric poet Marianne Bluger, Guy has written English & Japanese verse forms since 1978, including his 1989-94 diplomatic service in Japan. Numerous anthologies/journals (USA, Canada, Japan, England, Australia, France, Romania & India) carry his work. A Co-chair of the 2009 Haiku North America Conference, he is a long standing selection committee member of GUSTS, Canada’s first tanka journal.

Awards and Other Honors: Awarded the Carleton University Poetry Prize (2011); Diane Brebner Poetry Prize (Canada); AHA Tanka Sequence Splendor Prize (USA); Special Prize, Hekinan International Haiku (Japan); plus Canadian short story, radio documentary and radio drama awards.

Books Published: War is the father of us all [chapbook] (phafours press, Ottawa, Canada, 2015); SHE DON'T MEAN A THING IF SHE AIN'T GOT THAT SWING (catkin press, Carleton Place, Canada, 2016); Shaking the Basho Tree (Inkling Press, Edmonton, Canada, 2016).

Selected Work
his grandson
talking to the grasshopper
one squat at a time
red leaf
    floating by
black rock
morning footbridge fog
floating in the ravine
four tai chi hands
each of those stars
each of these snowflakes
a hazy face
in the sleet mirror
granite tombstone
grass fire crackle
pungent scent
of mom and dad

Credits: "his grandson" - Ambrosia Journal #4 (2009); "morning footbridge fog" - Special Prize, Hekinan (Japan) Haiku Competition (2008); "a hazy face" - Modern Haiku 38.2 (2007); "red leaf" - Ko Magazine (Fall, 1989); Four Seasons – Haiku Anthology (Ko Poetry Association,1991); "each of those stars" - Ko Magazine (Autumn/Winter, 2000); NHK Education Textbook [Japan] (December, 2001); "grass fire crackle" - Inkstone 5:1 (1992).

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