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Bogdanka Stojanovski

Bogdanka Stojanovski

Born: in Novi Sad Serbia
Resides: Novi Sad, Serbia
E-mail: 100janovsky (at) gmail (dot) com

Historian of art, born and lives in Novi Sad, Vojvodina, northern province of Serbia. I have been writing poetry since school days, short prose and haiku. I am also occupied with arts and illustrations. My haiku works have been published in numerous magazines, publications, books, collections and anthologies. For my haiku I have been awarded in all ex Yugoslavia countries and abroad. My haiku have been translated into Japanese, English (by myself), French, Dutch, German, Italian, Bulgarian, Greek, and Russian. My haiku have been published in Azami, Modern Haiku, Ko, Mainichi Daily News, Mirrors, Haiku Headlines, JPL, Raw Nervz, Asahi Shimbun, Haiku International, Woodpecker, Orfeu, Prijatelj, Letni časi, Green Apple, and other haiku journal, as well as on the Internet. From 1999-2005 I was the editor and illustrator of "Leaflet" - literary bulletin of the haiku club "Aleksandar Nejgebauer" in Novi Sad, which then began to be published in English and on the Internet on Aozora Pages.

Awards and Other Honors: My work is included in numerous anthologies, including but not limited to KNOTS – The anthology of southeastern European haiku poetry, edited by Dimitar Anakiev & Jim Kacian (1999); The third bank of river – Anthology about Novi Sad's bridges bombed by NATO in 1999, edited by Nebojsa Simin (Novi Sad, SCG,1999); A piece of the sky – Haiku from an air-raid shelter, edited by Dimitar Anakiev (1999); The sparrow on the sill – Haiku anthology (1998); The poplars widely rustles – Anthology of haiku club "Aleksandar Nejgebauer" of Novi Sad (1996); Wie schnee von gestern – Antoligie von Ingo Cesaro (2001); Wildflowers, New Leaves – A collection of world haiku – edited by Susumu Takiguchi (2002); Cherry tree bloom - Six books about Haiku in Yugoslavia (Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 2002); Pozama - The Rose, European Haiku, Ginka Biliarska – Bulgaria, Sofia, (2003); The road – world haiku: Ginka Bilarska - Bulgaria, Sofia, (2004); At the end of the day - a collection of Serbian and Bulgarian haiku, edited and published by "Sfera"– Novi Sad, Serbia, (2005); The New Year’s Eve a collection of haiku poems edited and published by "Sfera"– (Novi Sad, Serbia, 2007); numerous anthologies from different competitions in Yugoslavia and abroad; illustrations of haiku books; major anthologies and collections of Serbian haiku publishers in the last 15 years; and several anthologies of Serbian authors of non-haiku poetry, poetry for children, and short prose.

Selected Work
the sky fades—
through the blossoming cherries
first stars
the boats 
prop up the sky
with the masts
distant hills
even my gaze
turning green
old barn
filled with hay and
the meadow’s smell
violinist standing-
the last note sinks
into the applause
an autumn sunbeam
in a cup of tea – stirred up
with a silver spoon

Credits: "the sky fades" - Sakura Award Haiku, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival (2006); "distant hills" - First Place, Shintai Haiku, World Haiku Review (March 2009); "violinist standing" - Haiku & Music; "the boats" - KNOTS (1999); "old barn" - Woodpecker (March 1998); "an autumn sunbeam" - Modern Haiku XXIX:1 (winter-spring,1998).

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