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Dick Whyte

Dick Whyte

Born: September 13 1978 in Auckland, New Zealand
Resides: Wellington, New Zealand
E-mail: dickwhyte (at) gmail (dot) com

Dick Whyte is an artist from New Zealand. He has been known to make images, noise music (with the group Nova Scotia), country music (with his wife Robyn E. Kenealy), abstract and experimental films, poems and philosophical writings. He recently got his MA in Film and currently tutors at Massey University.

Awards and Other Honors: Winner of the FHAANZ Postgraduate Research Award (for best film related MA in 2008, which also dealt with haiku structure and its relation to experimental film); Runner-up, Roadrunner Scorpion Prize (February, 2009); placed in the Tanka Splendor competition (November, 2009).

Selected Work
spring moon
she re-threads my dead
nana's pearls
where soldiers
once slept and died—
a spider's home
gather at dusk
to sing
face to face with Socrates
the bored expression
of a security guard
while reading Raizan
"the spring rain"
starts to rain
still grave stones remain
still grave stone remains
still grave stones...

Credits: "spring moon" - Ambrosia 3; "whales" - Roadrunner VIII:4 (2008); "while reading Raizan" - Simply Haiku 7:2 (2009); "where soldiers" - Ambrosia 3; "face to face with Socrates" - 3Lights: Lighten Up exhibition; "still grave stones remain" - Simply Haiku 7:2 (2009).

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