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Damien Gabriels

Damien Gabriels

Born: April 24 1959 in Wattrelos, France
Resides: Leers, France
E-mail: damien (dot) gabriels (at) orange (dot) fr

Born in 1959 in the North of France, where I still live (married, 3 children) and work (bank). I discovered haiku in 2001 and soon became an absolute fan ; member of the French Haiku Association since its foundation in 2003. Publications in several reviews, collective anthologies and websites. At that time, four personal publications.

Awards and Other Honors: First Place, Association Française de Haïku (2004 and 2006); Second Place, Association Française de Haïku (2009); Honorable Mention, Mainichi Haiku Contest (2007 and 2009); Third Place, Miniwords Haiku (2007); Honorable Mention, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival (2007); Sakura Award , Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival (2008).

Books Published: Le temps d'un haiku (Editions Chloe des Lys, 2006); Trios (Editions Les Adex, 2006); Marelle de lune (Association Francaise de Haiku, 2008); Sur la pointe des pieds [avec Paul de Maricourt] (Editions Liroli, 2008).

Selected Work
first snow—
the mailman's bike
with new tires
starry sky—
a handful of salt
on the icy pavement
winter ploughing—
a cloud of gulls
veils the sun
misty clouds—
the sky-blue chimneys
of the incinerator
a few steps
in the icy night—
the haze of my words
winter storm—
grey clouds chasing
grey clouds

Credits: "first snow" - World Haiku Review (March 2009); "winter ploughing" - World Haiku Review (March 2009); "a few steps” - The Four Seasons of Haiku [] (Winter 2010); "starry sky" - The Four Seasons of Haiku [] (Winter 2010); "misty clouds" - World Haiku Review (March 2008); "winter storm" - Shamrock Haiku Journal #5 (2008).

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