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Alison Williams

Alison Williams

Born: September 13 1957 in Sleaford, Lincolnshire England
Resides: Southampton, Hampshire, England
E-mail: alisonmwilliams (at) outlook (dot) com

Alison Williams discovered haiku online in 1998 (while looking for something completely different) and has been emailing, blogging, facebooking, and twittering them ever since.

Books Published: Fragments [anthology, edited by Alison Williams and Timothy Collinson, ISBN: 1903746043] (Spalding, Hub Editions, 2001).

Selected Work
storm clouds—
the deep red of the rose
in his tattoo
softens the wings
of stone angels
a vine
twists around itself
summer night alone
autumn term
a gold sequin
on the library stairs
midday heat
a doll hung up to dry
by its hair
also emerging
from the darkness—
winter trees

Credits: "storm clouds" - Presence #13 (January 2001); "a vine" - Presence #15 (September 2001); "midday heat" - Presence #16 (January 2002); "moss" - Presence #26 (June 2005); "autumn term" - Presence #28 (January 2006); "also emerging" - Presence #21 (September 2003).

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