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Branislav Djordjević

Branislav Djordjević

Born: May 16 1951 in Zrenjanin Serbia
Resides: Novi Sad, Serbia
E-mail: zoranantonic (at) yahoo (dot) com

Branislav Djordjević began writing haiku poetry in 1991. His haiku have been published in a number of magazines, collections, and anthologies in his country and abroad (including but not limited to Japan, the Netherlands, India, Great Britain, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, and Russia). He is one of the founders of the Traveling Haiku Fellowship.

Awards and Other Honors: Winner, 3rd Literary Festival Suruga Baika 2000 (Japan, 2000); a Prize for the Genkissu! Spirits up! (Aichi, Japan, 2008); included in Wild Flowers, New Leaves: A Collection of World Haiku (The World Haiku Club, edited by Susumu Takiguchi – Ami-Net International Press: England, 2002).

Books Published: Co-author of Odškrinuta Vrata / Slightly Open Door [edited and published by “Vrelo” -The Society for Healthy Feeding and Environmental Protection and CEP-Copy Endlos Punkt] (Novi Sad, Serbia, 2004); co-author of three-lingual haiku anthology, Na kraju dana / На края на деня / At the End of the Day [a collection of Serbian and Bulgarian haiku, edited and published by "Sfera" – The Centre of Ecology, Etnology and Culture and CEP - Copy Endlos Punkt] (Novi Sad, Serbia, 2005); co-author of Новогодишња ноћ / The New Year’s Eve / Novogodišnja noć [a collection of haiku poems edited and published by the THF and "Sfera" – The Centre of Ecology, Ethnology and Culture] (Novi Sad, Serbia, 2007); co-author of the four-lingual book Just an Ordinary Day / Jedan Edan Običan Dan / Ein Gewönlichen Tag / Une Journe Ordinaire (Punta – Niš, Serbia, 2008).

Selected Work
A silver moonlight
is tonight the only bridge
over the river.
in the dark of the shelter
children’s giggling.
There’s no shadow
to keep him company.
A raven on the snow.
A lost evening shadow
is following me again.
The smell of autumn.
an old woman
with her frozen palm
offers snowdrops.
fish scale shine—
a pike is breaking up
grass in the shoal

Credits: "A silver moonlight" – Prize, Genkissu! Spirits up! (Aichi, Japan, 2008); "There’s no shadow" - Haiku Page, Balkan Haiku 2:1 & 2 (Spring 2009) [Editor: JQ Zheng]; "an old woman" - Wild Flowers, New Leaves: A Collection of World Haiku (The World Haiku Club - edited by Susumu Takiguchi, Ami-Net International Press: England, 2002); "Detonations" - The 34th A-Bomb Day Memorial Haiku Meeting, September 3, 2000 (Japan); a variation at Xaiku Balkany (; "A lost evening shadow" – moonset Literary Newspaper (editor: an’ya: Spring–Summer 2009); "fish scale shine" – Haiku Reality Internet haiku magazine (editor: Saša Važi 3;).

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