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Garry Eaton

Garry Eaton

November 23, 1941 - November 26, 2020

Garry Eaton died unexpectedly of a heart attack on the evening of November 26, 2020. He was long-time Digital Librarian of The Haiku Foundation and volunteer copy editor for Contemporary Haibun Online. He started writing haiku in 2006. He was interested in the way the discipline is refocusing his attention on, and improving his appreciation of the gift of life.
Those of us who have had the good fortune to work with Garry will miss his exuberant wit, his contagious enthusiasm, and his considerable efforts on the behalf of haiku. He is already missed.

Awards and Other Honors:

Winner, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Haiku Competition (2014);The Shiki Monthly Kukai May 2009, 3rd place.

Selected Work
subway platform
she brushes cherry petals
from her black umbrella
water jets
over a dark vineyard
shooting stars
total lunar eclipse
BP issues 
a denial
boarded-up ballpark
a dust devil swirls
along a weedy baseline
a violin 
duets with stone
thousand-year-old echoes
added to the snow 
falling on Wall Street
begging letter bits
touring the farms
the sun sets in a glass
of elderberry wine
oxbow lake
a rusty horseshoe over
the missing door
roadside memorial
morning glories
ruffled by the wind
a fly in the infirmary
it scrubs its hands
it scrubs its feet


"subway platform" - Winner, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Haiku Competition (2014); "total lunar eclipse" - Haiku News (Feb. 6, 2011); "a violin" - Roadrunner IX: 4 (November 2009); "water jets" - Simply Haiku 5:3 (Autumn 2007); "boarded-up ballpark" - Simply Haiku 5:3 (Autumn 2007); "added to the snow" - Prune Juice 8 (Spring 2012); “touring the farms” - The Shiki Monthly Kukai May 2009, 3rd place; “oxbow lake” - tinywords, issue 19.1, May 28 2019; “roadside memorial” - tinywords issue 19.2, Oct. 28, 2019; “a fly in the infirmary” - The Heron's Nest vol. XXII No.3, September 2020.

Additional Reading:

Garry's haiku on Akita International Haiku Network World Haiku Series 2019; in tinywords.

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