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Witata (Vitomir Miletić)

Witata (Vitomir Miletić)

Born: January 17 1967 in Sljivno, near Banjaluka Bosna and Hercegovina
Resides: Petrovaradin, Novi Sad, Serbia
E-mail: vita (dot) witata (dot) 021 (at) gmail (dot) com

Vitomir Miletić (haigo: Witata) has been writing haiku since 1993, and is a multimedia artist. He has many awards for haiku, and has published in various magazines and collections. His haiku have been translated into English, German, French, Bulgarian, Romanian, Poland, Greek, Spain, Japanese. He is one of the founders of the Traveling Haiku Fellowship.

Awards and Other Honors: First Prize, the Haiku Competition (YU Haiku festival) “Odzaci 1994” (Serbia, 2994); The Courage Award, 6th Haiku Contest ITOEN (Tokyo, Japan, 1995); Second Prize, Kusamakura Haiku Competition (2000); A Special Prize for the 2nd HIA Contest (Tokyo, Japan, 2000); Grand Prize, 4th Mainichi Shimbun Haiku Contest (Tokyo, Japan, 2000); Second Prize, 2nd International Haiku Contest of Lotos Magazine (Valjevo, Serbia, 2000); Other Haiku of Merit, World Haiku Review 6:3 (May 2008); Poem of the Day – Electronic Poetry Network, on Shreve Memorial Library website (edited by Carlos Colon); work selected for inclusion in William J. Higginson's Haiku World: An International Poetry Almanac (Kodansha International: Tokyo, New York, London, 1996).

Books Published: Co-author of first Yugoslavian book of renga, Look, A Storm! (Apatin, Serbia, 1997); co-author book of renga, The Faces of Friends (Novi Sad – Apatin, Serbia, 1998); author of collection of short poems, Introduction in Hadrian (Novi Sad, 1997); Author of haiku collection, When the Ground Sticks to the Feet (“Mostovi” Pljevlja: Montenegro, 1998); co-author of Odškrinuta Vrata / Slightly Open Door [- edited and published by “Vrelo” -The Society for Healthy Feeding and Environmental Protection and CEP-Copy Endlos Punkt] (Novi Sad, Serbia, 2004); co-author of three-lingual haiku anthology, Na kraju dana / На края на деня / At the End of the Day [a collection of Serbian and Bulgarian haiku, edited and published by "Sfera" – The Centre of Ecology, Etnology and Culture and CEP - Copy Endlos Punkt] (Novi Sad, Serbia, 2005); co-author of Новогодишња ноћ / The New Year’s Eve / Novogodišnja noć [a collection of haiku poems edited and published by the THF and "Sfera" – The Centre of Ecology, Ethnology and Culture] (Novi Sad, Serbia, 2007); co-author of the four-lingual book Just an Ordinary Day / Jedan Edan Običan Dan / Ein Gewönlichen Tag / Une Journe Ordinaire (Punta – Niš, Serbia, 2008).

Selected Work
A hot barrel
of antiaircraft gun.
Spring rain evaporating.
Along the road
wild poppies
penetrated a cornfield.
in the muddy trench
a helmet full of water.
Nobody is picking
all those ripe cherries
in front of grandpa’s house.
Summer shower—
On the beach only
a tower of sand.
Leaves fall.
Suddenly revealing
birds’ nests.

Credits: "A hot barrel" - Grand Prize, 4th Mainichi Shimbun Haiku Contest (Tokyo, Japan, 2000); Wild Flowers, New Leaves: A Collection of World Haiku (The World Haiku Club, Edited by Susumu Takiguchi, Ami-Net International Press: England, 2002); "Daybreak" – The World Haiku Festival (London, 2000); Xaiku Balkany (; "Summer shower" – Haiku Association of Southeastern Europe haiku publications (June 2000); "Along the road" – Haiku Moment 2 (Spring-Summer 1998, Editor/Publisher: Zoran Doderovic, Novi Sad); Xaiku Balkany (; "Nobody is picking" – Haiku Page 2:1&2 (Double Issue, Spring 2009 Balkan Haiku: Editor: JQ Zheng); "Leaves fall" - William J. Higginson, Haiku World: An International Poetry Almanac (Kodansha International: Tokyo, New York, London, 1996).

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