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John Rowlands

John Rowlands

Born: September 24 1947 in Llanrhystud near Aberystwyth Wales, United Kingdom
Resides: Tremadog, North Wales, United Kingdom
E-mail: johngrowlands (at) icloud (dot) com

John Rowlands is a poet/painter who taught Art in schools for 20 years and then worked in the Education Department of The National Museum of Wales, Cardiff. He has exhibited widely in his native country and writes in Welsh and English. Some of his haiku are featured in another country/haiku poetry from Wales edited by Nigel Jenkins, Ken Jones, and Lynne Rees (Gomer Press, 2011).

Awards and Other Honors:

Museum of Haiku Literature Award [Blithe Spirit 26:2] (2016); Won a crown for poetry in Welsh (Pontrhydfendigaid Eisteddfod, 1986).

Books Published:

aber [Welsh poetry] (Lolfa Press, 1986); Annwyl Arholwr [poetry-themed book for teenagers] (Lolfa Press, 1990); cylymau tywod / knots of sand [A collection of haiku and senryu] (Alba Publishing, 2017);pendil [Welsh language haiku] (Y, 2021); now and then [ haiku & senryu] (Alba Publishing 2022).

Work Anthologised:
New Resonance 13 Anthology (Red Moon Press, 2023).

Selected Work
peace talks
our planet of words
the night of the day
Spock died
the egret's
shadow shards
so many roots
left behind
they talk of heaven
I fill my eyes
with skies and stars
vacant seats
on sunbaked sands
plane debris


"peace talks" - Blithe Spirit 25:3 (2015); "splash!" - A Hundred Gourds 5:1 December 2015; "they talk of heaven" - Blithe Spirit 25:3 (2015); "starless" - Haiku Canada (2015); "transplanting" - Chrysanthemum 18, Autumn 2015; "vacant seats" - Museum of Haiku Literature Award [Blithe Spirit 26:2] (2016).

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