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José Marins

José Marins

Resides: Curitiba, Brazil
E-mail: josemarins (at) gmail (dot) com

José Marins is a writer.

Books Published: Fazendo o dia [poems] (Araucária Cultural, Curitiba:1985); Poezen [haiku] (Araucária Cultural, 1985); Monalisa, a conchinha sabida [for children] (Araucária Cultural, 1989); Pinha-Pinhão, Pinhão-Pinheiro [haiku] (Araucária Cultural, 2004); A brisa é você [flash fiction] (Araucária Cultural, 2010); Então, é isso? [short story] (Araucária Cultural, 2012); A lâmpada e as estrelas [haiku] (Araucária Cultural, 2012).     His essay, "Helena Kolody: pioneira do haicai" (Helena Kolody: pioneer of haiku) is available at      Fieira de Haicais (haiku linked) can be found at      Nine of his publications are included in The Haiku Foundation's Online Book Collection: Passarim – Foto & Haicai: um diálogo – Marselha Zakhia e José Marins; Miss Celânea – senryu; Azálea Florida - haikais de inverno; Meu Veranico-De-Maio – senryu; Noites De Outono -- haicais encadeados; 100 Guilherminos -- haicais encadeados; A Copa Em Casa – senryu & triversos; Inverno – 36 haicais; Ipê-Amarelo - 26 haicais.

Selected Work
warm spring
playing with the door
the cat and the wind
bougainvillea in bloom
nothing moves in the afternoon
of tenuous quietude
perfumed street
the flowers of cinamomos 
are not to be seen
afternoon in the backyard
recollections of childhood
in this watery pear
the long lasting day
darkens finally
ah, crescent moon
Children's Day—
in these pictures of my son 
how happy I was

Credits: English translations from the original Portuguese by the poet. Publication credits will be added later.

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