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Ljubica Vukov Davcik

Ljubica Vukov Davcik

Born: December 25 1949 in Senta Serbia
Resides: Petrovaradin, Novi Sad, Serbia
E-mail: bubavukov (at) gmail (dot) com

Ljubica Vukov Davcik is a jurist by profession. She started to write poetry in basic school. She is a member of many literary clubs, especially club of writers RS ,Orfej Subotica. Ljubica writes poetry in free style, haiku poetry, love songs and stories.

Awards and Other Honors: Ljubica has won many prizes for her work.

Books Published: Tiski cvet [Flower of Tisa] (1,2,3: 1997); Palicki biseri [Pearls of Palic] (1,2,3: 1999); Kaktusi iz kamena nicu [Cactuses germinate from stones] (1,2,3: 2000); Brilliance off field [haiku poetry, with four authors: Sanja Petrovic, Olivera Sijacki, Ljiljana Petrovic, and Ljubica Vukov Davcik] (2005).

Selected Work
The young monks
carry the Easter eggs out
of the monastery.
Beside the track,
the swallows are swinging
on the wire.
The old chimney
still stand persistently
on the broken farm
It' s still raining.
A slug is sliding off
the cabbage head.
Red field/poppies
dew a field of poppy.
The combine came.
The roadside monuments
are passing by the car.
The tear drops.
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