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Luiz Bacellar

Luiz Bacellar

July 4, 1928 - July 9, 2012

One of the most important poets of Amazonian literature, Luiz Bacellar was born in 1928 in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil. He introduced the haiku in Amazonas in the 1950s. In his youth, he worked as a journalist and in commerce. After that, he became a professor of Literature and Portuguese language in a traditional local high school. He was one of the founders of the Brazilian Union of Writers from Amazonas. He was a researcher of the local artistic and cultural heritage, and a member of the Academy of Letters of Amazonas.

Awards and Other Honors: Olavo Bilac Prize, for his book Frauta de Barro / Clay Flute (Rio de Janeiro, 1959); Prize of Poetry, for his book Sol de Feira / Market Sun (Manaus, Amazonas, 1968).

Books Published: Frauta de Barro / Clay Flute [haiku and poems] (Liv. São José, 1963); Sol de Feira / Market Sun [poems] (Ed. Humberto Calderaro, 1973); Quatro Movimentos / Four Movements [poems] (Liv. São José,1975); O Crisântemo de Cem Pétalas / The Chrysanthemum With a 100 Petals [with Evangelista, Roberto: haiku] (Prefeitura Municipal de Manaus, 1985); Quarteto / Quartet [poems] (Ed. Valer, 1998); Satori [haiku] (Ed. Travessia, 2000); Borboletas de Fogo / Fire Butterflies [poems] (2004); Quatuor [poems] (2005).

Selected Work
the lily rises
in the middle of the night
its milk cup
the bright fish
jumping in the rapids 
silver blade
seeing the muddy
puddle in the patio
the vain moon
always persecuted
the cricket remains tranquil
singing hidden
buffalo in the road
the moon travels on the
herd's back
like a prisoner 
the moon spies on me
through the bathroom window
August moonlight
on the neighbor's roof
a cat concert
slurping the jambu
she creates a halo
of sensuality
spawning run
the indiscrete moon shows
the school of fish
flowery dress
dancing to the winds
as a hindu god

Credits: Published in Portuguese:   "the lily rises" - Satori (2000); "seeing the muddy" - Satori (2000); "buffalo in the road" - Satori (2000); "August moonlight" - Satori (2000); "spawning run" - Satori (2000); "the bright fish" - Jornal de Poesia [] (1998); "always persecuted" - Satori (2000); "like a prisoner" - Satori (2000); "slurping the jambu" - Kapok Tree Haiku []' "flowery dress" - Kapok Tree Haiku [].

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