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Dubravko Korbus

Dubravko Korbus

Born: 1964 in Ivanić Grad, Croatia
Resides: Ivanić Grad, Croatia
E-mail: dubravko (dot) korbus (at) optinet (dot) hr

Beside haiku, haibun and waka, Dubravko writes poetry and prose in Croatian and the Kajkavian dialect. He publishes in haiku magazines and joint collections in Croatia and abroad and has received a number of awards. Dubravko is the judge at The Kloštar Ivanić Haiku contest and edits the waka chapter in IRIS haiku magazine.

Awards and Other Honors: Award, Ito-En International Haiku Contest ; Third Prize, 8th Haiku Day - Dubravko Ivančan, Krapina, Kajkavian Dialect (2006); Commended haiku,The 40th A-Bomb Memorial Day Haiku Meeting (2006); A Prize, Genkissu! Spirits Up! World Wide Hekinan Haiku Contest English haiku (2007); Honorable Mention, Ninth HIA Haiku Contest (2007); Selected Haiku - Matsuo Basho Poetry Offerings, Iga City (2008); Best of issue, Haiku Reality/stvarnost, Internet haiku journal (2008); First Prize, The Ludbreg Calendar/rokovnik haiku contest in English (2008); A Special Prize, Genkissu! Spirits Up! World Wide Hekinan Haiku Contest, English haiku (2009); Honourable Mention, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival (2009); Second Prize, Moonset Literary Newspaper, Contest for Senryu (Spring/Summer, 2009); Haiku magazine in English 24:4, Selection by David Burleigh from Autumn-Winter 2008, Spring-Summer 2009 issues; Honorable Mention, 13th Mainichi International Haiku Contest (2009); Favourite Haiku by Patricia Neubauer, KŌ Haiku Magazine in English 24:10; Runner-up, Second Annual Bashō Haiku Challenge (2010); Honourable Mention, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival (2010); Honourable Mention - 12th HIA Haiku Contest (2010); named one of the top 100 European haiku poets by; work included on the Haiku Society of America's "Haiku Wall" at the Liberty Theatre Gallery in Bend, Oregon (June 3-5, 2011); Second Best Summer Haiku, an award by Diogen pro culture magazine, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (2012); The Ludbreg Column of Haiku Poets (2013); First Prize and Honorable Mention, Diogen pro culture magazine Spring Contest, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (2013); Second Prize, The Vladimir Devidé Haiku Award (Osaka, Japan, 2015); High Commendation [theme blood donation], Institute for Transfusion Medicine (Zagreb, Croatia, 2016).

Books Published: Danas je sunce veće nego jučer (Obrt “Otok Ivanić“, Kloštar Ivanić 2007); Zapisi starog strašila / Chronicles of the Old Scarecrow (Self-published, 2011).

Selected Work
silence ...
my body too is
a blossoming cherry
autumn sky
the gnats
without swallows
spring evening
dew in the lilies
the Moon in the dew
chilliness in bones
tonight is the full moon
only the full moon
empty meadow
hay has been taken away
with its fragrance
endless rain
the marsh swallows
its stumps

Credits: "silence" - Honourable Mention, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival (2009); "spring evening" - Honourable Mention, The Ninth HIA Haiku Contest (2007); "empty meadow" - Second Prize, The Ludbreg Calendar/Rokovnik Haiku Contest in English (2005) [variation published in Shamrock: Haiku Journal of the Irish Haiku Society, Issue 6, Focus on Croatia (2008)]; "autumn sky" - Best of Issue, Haiku Reality / stvarnost, Internet haiku journal (2008); "chilliness in bones" - Commendation, Kloštar Ivanić Haiku contest, English language category (2008); "endless rain" - Among the Lilies, A White Lotus Anthology (Shadow Poetry, Excelsior Springs, MO, USA, 2008).

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