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Peg Duthie

Peg Duthie

Born: May 09 1970 in Lubbock Texas, USA
Resides: Nashville, Tennessee, USA
E-mail: plduthie (at) gmail (dot) com

Taiwanese American. Unitarian Universalist. Shares an old house with a motorcycle mechanic and a cabbage-devouring dog.

Books Published: Measured Extravagance (Upper Rubber Boot, 2012;

Selected Work
outside the café
wind rattles the tables
the spider spins on
creasing the statement
into a sparrow
last mortgage payment
free from school
the chalk dances
across the sidewalk
a crumpled ribbon
snakes through the rust
the blush of dead ships
the hem of my dress
too wet for the wind
kittens nesting
within a heap of postcards
one man's garbage

Credits: "outside the café"- Kloštranski haiku zbornik 2009 / The Kloštar Ivanić 2009 Haiku Miscellany (Insula Ivanich, 2009); "free from school" - tinywords 10.2 (2010); "the hem of my dress" - tinywords 10.1 (2010); "creasing the statement" - unFold (April 2013); "a crumpled ribbon" - Scifaikuest 13 (August 2006); Dwarf Stars 2007 (Gromagon Press, 2007); moonset (Fall 2008); "kittens nesting" - 7x20 (September 2013).

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