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Hansha Teki

Hansha Teki

Born: in Paparoa, New Zealand
Resides: Paraparaumu, New Zealand
E-mail: hanshateki (at) gmail (dot) com

A geographical, societal and poetic fringe dweller.

Selected Work
morning prayer . . .
an orchid absorbs
the sound of bees
a sea breeze
encrypts messages
from the edge
a word
after a word
at war
her ankles . . .
a path into mist's
pond ripple . . .
the one I am
no more
there and there
so near still
a mayfly’s was

Credits: "morning prayer" - Multiverses 1.1 [John Hawk, editor] (June 2012); "a word" - Bones 8 (November 2015); "pond ripple" - Otata 13 [John Martone, editor] (March 2017); "a sea breeze" - NOON: Journal of the Short Poem, vol. 13 [Philip Rowland, editor] (Tokyo: 2017); "her ankles" - Cattails (April 2017) [Editor's Choice]; "there and there" - Otata 10 [John Martone, editor] (September 2016).

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