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David A. Rachlin

David A. Rachlin

Born: March 22 1954 in Newton Massachusetts, USA
Resides: Stow, Massachusetts, USA
E-mail: davidrachlin (at) me (dot) com

David Rachlin has a bachelor’s degree in linguistics, a master’s degree in German, and a master of fine arts degree in creative writing. He is the author of Topographies of Light, a book of poetry (AuthorHouse, 2012). He has published haiku, lyric poetry, and photographs in domestic and foreign journals and is a participant in the Western Massachusetts Haiku Circle. David has taught writing to students of all ages and the pedagogy of writing to graduate students for many years.

Books Published: Topographies of Light, a book of poetry (AuthorHouse, 2012).

Selected Work
Tracing the contours
of mountains
my mind wanders
The mockingbird protects his berries
bush 		tree
bush 		tree	
bush 		tree
A moth hole 
in my sweater
makes room for moonlight
Old dog on the couch
future empty spot—
the tv flickers
Alfalfa blossoms
nod in the evening wind—
time of the deer
in a clay bowl
gibbous moons

Credits: "Tracing the contours" - A Hundred Gourds (Sept. 2013); "A moth hole" - A Hundred Gourds (Sept. 2013); "Alfalfa blossoms" - Chrysanthemum 14 (Oct. 2013); "The mockingbird protects his berries" - Boston Haiku Society Newsletter (Winter 2012); "Old dog on the couch" - Boston Haiku Society Newsletter (Winter 2012); "peaches" - Boston Haiku Society Newsletter (Winter 2012).

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